19th Hole :: Adam Gamble

March 11, 2016

19th Hole :: Adam Gamble

We are very excited to announce Michigan native, Adam Gamble has joined the team as a Brand Ambassador, Blogger, and Fashion Consultant. If you had a chance to check Adam out on instagram you've seen his love for playing golf and men's fashion. If you haven't had a chance to check out his instagram, I suggest you do so and follow him! We are looking forward to him bringing his wealth of knowledge and point of view to our team, clothing, and THE BOGEY FREE BLOG. I had a chance to connect with Adam and talk golf, fashion, municipal culture, and tattoos. Here's an introduction to our newest Brand Ambassador, Adam Gamble.

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Adam Gamble?

I am husband, a golfer and a daddy to two furbabies – Meatball and Snoopy. I have been playing golf on and off for over 20 years. I pride myself in being able to play year round. I live in Michigan, so we definitely get hit with all 4 seasons, thank you mother nature. One day it will be 25 degrees with 6 inches of snow on the ground and a few days later it will be 65 degrees and sunny, either way I’ll be out golfing at one of the local courses.

You seem to be a tastemaker when it comes to mens fashion on and off the golf course. What drives your interest in this?

My mother and grandparents were always huge into fashion. I look at other country's fashion and I try to bring their culture to the US. I watch a lot of players on the European tour, and they’ve always had a sense for detail in their clothes. If it’s stitching on a pair of pants or an alligator belt or just normal white shoes with colored laces – I’ve always tried to take the extra step to look extraordinary. How many times have you bought a shirt from a designer store because of the name or the price tag attached to it? It doesn’t mean that it will fit the best but you paid for the name, right? What’s wrong with going and buying a cheaper shirt that fits amazing? ....NOTHING! The name brand or price tag has never been something I’ve looked at or searched for. When it comes to the clothes, it should be about the quality and not the price.

You play more golf than anyone we know! What is it that you love about the municipal golf culture?

What don’t I love?? I love going to a course as a single and trying to get paired with another single or group, you meet so many different people! It’s like being a kid again – bringing me back to my youth and approaching the unknown. And that first tee shot is always the best. And of course, the stories and history that are behind each and every muni course out there.

Any muni’s on your bucket list?

1. Goat Hill

2. Chambers Bay

3. Lincoln Park

4. Torrey Pines

5. Bethpage

The tattoos are awesome, tell us a little about what they mean to you?

Each tattoo has their own meaning, their own story. It’s like a book of chapters on my body, the events that have happened in my life to the things that I love. For example, my knuckles have Rock Star tattooed on them, to my stomach having a pirate ship and to my shoulders reading “soul golfer”.

As an ambassador, contributor, and consultant to Muni Kids, what excites you about getting involved?

Getting in at the ground level and helping a brand I believe in. I think it’s awesome how you guys bring cool and fun back into the golf game. Your brand makes people feel that muni courses are still great courses, even if they’re not 7500 yards or the club house isn't 10,000 square feet. The clothes are original looking and you have a great logo – which is always awesome.

What does being a Muni Kid mean to you?

Being a Muni Kid is about the lifestyle and golf. It reflects the type of culture that we grew up with as kids. Not everyone was or is able to play at a private club. It’s not about having perfect fairways or perfect greens. The only thing that matters is having your golf clubs and being able to play golf. You don’t care about the condition of the course, because hey, guess what, you’re out there golfing. It’s also about being a golfer without actually looking like one. If I finish up a round of golf, I want to be able to head out to dinner with my wife or go hang out with some friends. It’s not just a golf brand, but it’s a lifestyle.

Follow Adam Gamble on instagram: @sir_gamble

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