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"It’s oh so very good to be back. The Jones Sports Company would like to extend its appreciation for the movement to bring back an icon. 40 years in the remaking, with a passion for purity, Jones is thrilled to have the re-release of The Original Jones bag on our shoulder, and aspirations to continue bettering the golf world in sight. We look forward to uniting generations around this legendary bag as we bring a vintage piece back to life." - Jones Bag Crew

The Original Jones bag may be one of the most iconic golf bags of all time, your dad has probably owned 2-3 throughout his life and it probably brings back college golf memories. When I last year that they had relaunched the brand I knew that I had to have one. There is just something about carrying your bag with one strap and laying it on the ground that really has a muni vibe. Call me nostalgic, but it has a very dapper swag to it even today. When you see someone carrying one you instantly know that they have game, you just do. To top it all of, the guys who run the show at Jones, are a great group of young guys who have a passion for the game and its traditions. Make sure to check out the Muni Kids Jones Bag available for sale in the online catalog. As the guys at Jones say, "The best thing in golf is back to regain its throne." #PlayersWanted

Maxton Reinland
Maxton Reinland


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