Many years ago when Ben Hogan was in the prime of his career, he wrote a letter and sent it to every club pro in the USA asking that they give his Hogan Brand clubs a look for stocking in their shops and personal use. "These clubs shall be as perfect as modern day tools and instruments can perform," he said. After nearly four decades of success the company eventually went bankrupt under Top-Flite Golf in 2003 and was sold to Callaway Golf, who ended production of the brand just 5 years later. In 2010, Callaway sold the name rights to Perry Ellis International and they sold clothing branded under the legends name. In 2014, Terry Koehler, a former marketing director for the Hogan Brand in the 1990's bought the rights to the name, with the dream of building golf clubs bearing the Ben Hogan signature once again. Getting back to roots of the company he moved productions to less than 10 miles from the original plant that Hogan started building them in during the 50's. He also hired several ex-employees totaling more than 130 years experience with the Hogan Brand. This week in Orlando, FL for the PGA Merchandise Show, they revealed the newly launched Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 irons and wedges and they are absolutely beautiful. In my opinion maybe the best looking blade on the market currently. They are set to ship their first orders out April 1, 2015 and are selling the irons individually at $150 per club. Take a second and take a look at these. They are truly a work of art. Unknown                     images images-1

Maxton Reinland
Maxton Reinland


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