Do Tour Players Have The Right To Complain?

As the US Open comes to end today at Chamber Bay, there is no doubt to the fact that it has been a magical week for the Pacific Northwest hosting our first US Open. On the controversial side of things though, there have been a lot of complaints coming from the tour regulars. We have Bubba Watson complaining about the pace of play, Sergio Garcia and Rory McCilroy among others that have made mention about how they think the US Open should be hosted on a venue with better greens to putt on. My Facebook and Twitter feed have been much more active due to so many more people who have interest in this years US Open due to the fact that it is in our region. I've seen several of my friends and people I follow making reference to the fact that the tour players are being "cry babies" and that it's so sad to see people who get to play golf and travel for a living complaining. The general consensus is that they don't have the right to be critical because they don't live in the "Real World" that the rest of us do. Personally, I see both sides to the argument. I don't tune in to Golf Central to see them complain about the quality of world class golf courses but I also understand that without their criticisms, the events they play in for us to view, would never improve. Chambers Bay is a beautiful and great golf course that many golfers will never get the opportunity to play, whether due to how expensive it is or where they are located at. I've thought that they have done a wonderful job getting this 8 year old golf course ready for a major championship and the crew and everyone involved deserve a huge round of applause. Getting back to the complaints, I do think whether we like it or not, agree or not, the players have the right to make their opinions public because at the end of the day it is their job, no matter how glamorous it is, they support their families playing golf. They are experts in this expertise. I applaud Chambers Bay and everyone who came out and supported our first US Open in the Pacific Northwest. It has been a week that I will never forget! Let us know what your opinion is of whether the players complaints are warranted or not!
Maxton Reinland
Maxton Reinland


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