Is Technology Making Drivers That Much Better?

July 15, 2015 1 Comment

It seems now a days that the golf club corporations are putting out a new driver at least two times a year. Every time they market it to be the next greatest thing to ever happen to golf clubs. How can the consumer keep up if this were true? They are making it sound like you are at a disadvantage if you are playing last years model. I believe this to be completely false. The technology is no longer rapidly improving and has hit a stall, just like they did in the persimmon era. In the 50's, 60's, and 70's it wasn't that out of the ordinary for tour players to keep the same model of driver in the bag for over a decade. I recently hit the same driver for 6 years until it caved in and can no longer find that model in good shape even on ebay. I'm yet to find something even in the same ballpark as good as that driver. The local golf philosopher at the muni I grew up on, Gregg Corn, has always preached since I was a kid, if you find a driver and shaft combo that you like, you should own three of them. Driver technology is just not getting that much better. So the long and short of this story is, if you find a driver you like, don't feel pressured to get the latest greatest thing because you might already have the best option for you already in your bag and just need to stock up.

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Max Levitch
Max Levitch

July 15, 2015

I’ll say this, Corndog has yet to prove to me that his philosophy is wrong in any way shape or form (golf, life, fishing, women or drinking related). The best driver I’ve ever hit was the Titliest 983 K, and it took me half my senior season in high school to find my game after the face cracked. While in college I was introduced to the Wison Staff Smooth and that was the first driver I had touched in 3 years that was comparable to the K. We both have been in and around the golf industry for our entire lives, it’s very easy to see that the club manufacturers aren’t trying to come up with the greatest club ever, they’re trying to come up with the greatest marketing of a club ever. That is how they keep producing club after club without going under. They are marketing and capitalistic geniuses. I’ve been playing the same irons for about 10 years, do I think there is a better product out there? Of course, but I’m comfortable with these, I know how they react, this has taken a long time to accomplish, why would I want to start over now?

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