Sang-Moon Bae is Being Forced to Fulfill Military Duty

The 29 year old sweet swinging South Korean and two time PGA Tour winner is being forced to report for mandatory military duty starting this fall. The South Korean Military Manpower Association (MMA) has rejected his appeal seeking exemption from his mandatory military service. All men ages 18-35 are required to serve 2 years in the military in South Korea. Bae, who has stated publicly that he has mixed emotions, proud to serve but very concerned on the effects this will have long term on his golf career. Bae has made over 2 million dollars in earnings this year on the PGA Tour alone and this fall he will be making a mere $130 dollars a month to serve the military. Other issues that have arose from the ruling are that Sang-Moon Bae will no longer be able to compete in this years President's Cup, which he was looking set to make the team and will no longer be able to fulfill the dream of competing and representing his country in the pursuit of winning a Gold Medal with golf finally being reintroduced into the Summer Olympics for the first time in a long time. There have been many mixed reviews by the American public since the ruling was handed down. I've read posts where people think it's ridiculous and I've read posts where people believe that Americans should be forced to serve a mandatory 2 years in any branch of the military. As much as I respect the way he is handling this, ready and willing to serve his 2 years, it feels more like a prison sentence than a fulfillment of duty. South Korea gains way more positive publicity from Bae competing on the PGA Tour, in the President's Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics than they will with just one more currently untrained soldier. Bae is one the best athletes to ever come out of South Korea. I've read several people's comments comparing it too Ben Hogan serving during the prime of his career when the United States Drafted him during World War 2. That was a World War, it's not even comparable to this situation. I fear that the South Korean government is doing themselves a giant disservice in this situation and need to go back and relook at Bae's appeal. So much more positive comes from him serving his country golfing rather than in the military.

Maxton Reinland
Maxton Reinland


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