Scosche BoomBuoy Rockstar Weatherproof Wireless Speaker

Scosche - Rockstar BoomBuoy Waterproof Wireless Speaker

The Scosche Rockstar BoomBuoy Waterproof Wireless Speaker is just in time for the summer! This epic team up between Scosche and Rockstar Energy™ allows you to enjoy your favorite jams when the weather heats up! The main feature on this wireless speaker is the Bluetooth® 3.0 compatibility. Sync it up with a smart phone or other Bluetooth devices for the ultimate listening experience. The device may be small, but it packs a powerful punch! Crystal clear treble and bass provide an awesome dynamic range with omni-directional sound output. The Rockstar Bluetooth speaker provides a whole seven hours of listening; perfect for those all night ragers!


Why is the BoomBuoy so great for the summer? The device is waterproof, and as the name implies, it floats too. Toss it in the pool while you party, or take it down to the lake when you’re relaxing. The Rockstar wireless speaker doesn’t have to stay in the water, though. It’s lightweight and travel size making it the perfect way to enjoy your tunes in the great outdoors. You can easily stash it in your pocket while you are out & about. The Scosche BoomBuoy comes with a carbiner clip can turn a backpacking trip into a jam session! This device is waterproof, dirt proof and incredibly durable. It’s practically begging to be taken on your next adventure! There are so many great uses for the Scosche Rockstar BoomBuoy waterproof Wireless Speaker, and the summer is the perfect time to try them all out!



  • Bluetooth 3.0, NFC
  • Impedance 4ohm
  • 500MAh Battery
  • Size: 94mm x 84.5mm x 36mm
  • Floats Facing up
  • Carry Loop with Carabiner
  • Frequency: 200Hz-20KHz
  • 3W Speaker Output
  • Weight: 4.6oz
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Built-in Music Controls

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