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I am starting a new series on THE BOGEY FREE BLOG called, Swing Away. Swing Away will give you an inside look at what we're up to each month through photos in my camera, iPhone, and action cam. February was consumed with a lot of travel setting up pro shop accounts and playing a lot of golf! It felt like I was living and running Muni Kids out of the car. Here's an inside look!

Eagle Point Golf Club | Medford, OR

Diablo Creek Golf Course | Concord, CA

Sunsets in Sacramento.

Riding the BART and exploring the Bay.

The Metro | Oakland, CA

Exploring Oakland.

Fatpro hitting snappers at Diablo Creek GC.

Boundary Oak Golf Course | Concord, CA

Buchanan Fields Golf Course | Concord, CA

Sharp Park Golf Course | Pacifica, CA

The City by The Bay.

Fishermans Wharf | San Francisco, CA

Lincoln Park Golf Course | San Francisco, CA

One of my favorite birdies I ever made.

Muni Heaven.

Chippy, munimax, and Fatpro.

Matt guiding us through the city.

Chinatown | San Francisco, CA

Somewhere on 101.


Northwood Golf Club | Monte Rio, CA

The Jones Original goes everywhere with me.

Making birdies in the Redwood Forest.

Avenue of the Giants

The Redwood Forest

Khloe at Cherry Hill. She came for the golf, I came for the pizza!

Maxton Reinland
Maxton Reinland


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