muni kids golf apparel



What is Muni Kids?

Muni Kids® is a Portland based streetwear clothing + accessory label inspired by municipal golf culture. We are inspired + driven to make golf more inclusive not exclusive.


Who is Muni Kids?

Muni Kids® is independently operated by Maxton Reinland + Drew Reinland. The vision for the brand was created by Maxton after years of feeling like a majority of the golf industry were failing to make golf apparel that properly reflected the style and culture of muni golf. Together Maxton and Drew have set out to create streetwear clothing and golf accessories that are functional both on and off course.


What does Muni Kids mean?

The philosophy behind the name is to take you back when your summers were consumed playing golf and hanging out with your homies at the local muni. A time when your only worries were shooting a good score, enjoying some good competition, and not losing to much money to the old guys or your homies! Just like all the great muni golf out there, Muni Kids® is for EVERYONE. 


Why + How Do We Support Junior Golf?

The most important thing we can all do as golfers is share the game of golf with others. We were lucky enough to have a great support and junior golf system at our local muni growing up. We want to make sure that we are always contributing to improving junior golf programs and make the game more accessible to the generations to come. So with that in mind, we donate 3% of our annual sales to junior golf programs in need around the country. GROW THE GAME!

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