We are proud to announce another new member of our team, Hogan Arey. Hogan will be coming on board and representing Muni Kids as a Brand Ambassador and also as a contributor on THE BOGEY FREE BLOG. Hogan is currently a Division 1 college golfer and has won several big amateur events. We look forward to what the future holds for him and his connection with Muni Kids. Below you can read Part 1 of the interview we recently had with him and get to know him a little better!

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Hogan Arey?

This is a question I ask myself all the time. To understand who I am I would first like to describe how I grew up. My father Sean Arey is an "old school golf pro" meaning he still owns the pro shop, the snack shack, and you can still find him occasionally hand picking the range. He has been the pro at Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis, Oregon my whole life, so it's all I know. Trysting Tree is a public course with wide open fairways, but large fast undulating greens. Surprisingly, my game favors the exact opposite style golf course. I started playing in the players club at "The Tree" when I was 12. I would try to go earn lunch money for the week by beating all the "old guys." Growing up behind the counter at a pro shop I was exposed to so many people at a young age which has helped me as I grow older and learn to network. Without realizing how many people I built relationships with at a young age, I began my network much younger than the average person and this is all thanks to the lovely game we all cherish called golf.

I have to say, for a golfer you have pretty much the greatest first name you could ever ask for! Did your parents name you after Ben Hogan?

I've always been in love with my name. I always say that is the greatest gift my father gave to me, a strong name. Hogan in Gaelic tongue means "strength", a mental attribute all golfers must have no matter the level you play at. I was named after the great Ben Hogan. My father was taught by his mentor Pat Welch that if you want to truly learn the game you need to study Mr. Hogan. As I have gotten older I too have studied as many books and articles I could find about Ben Hogan and every time I finish the read I find myself more amazed at what "The Hawk" accomplished in life. To be named after someone as influential as Ben Hogan makes me feel as if the only thing I can do in life is succeed.

Where do you go to school?

I currently play division 1 college golf at University of Louisiana at Monroe, we compete in the Sun Belt Conference. Now the real mystery is how a kid from Oregon with no family ties to Louisiana ends up playing college golf there. Well the simple answer is, it's where I was wanted. One of the best ways to achieve success in life is to place your self in a positive environment that values your talents. After finishing a great high school career at Corvallis High in Oregon which included two team state championships and four first team all state honors, many college coaches didn't give me the opportunity because I am undersized. That never stopped Ben Hogan, he was 5'8" 135 pounds and created as much torque as any player ever to play the game. Though length has never been my game, I have learned to keep up with anyone I play with. Until I truly learned my golf game this philosophy hurt me more than it helped, but now that I have such an understanding of my swing, I don't try to overpower any shot.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 of Hogan's interview coming out next week!

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I worked at Sham in Richland for a short time with ur dad and Pat. I was just learning the game and was quite Chirpy at the time. I actually got to play some ur dad….he was a really good player.

Lewis Hogan

I met this young man at the golf course while I was in town for a music festival. He was wonderfully talented and well spoken for such a young age. He obviously loves golf and would be a great addition to any team he winds up on.

Frank sgambellone

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