The US Open in 2015 was no doubt a great tournament although there was an alarming amount of drama surrounding the host golf course, Chambers Bay in University Place, WA. Complaints rang through the air from players, fans, and viewers all over the world. As someone who has played Chambers Bay, watched the first couple rounds on tv, and watched the weekend play live on site, I assure you that it is a US Open caliber course and should be in the running to host another one. First you have to understand, players complain. It's the nature of the business, if you don't play well you can't just except that you didn't have it because you will get ran over on the world that is the PGA Tour. Gary Player once said that he got up and down out of the sand every time during his career.... He just chose to remember it that way because he never wanted to let self doubt creep in. Same applies at Chambers Bay, some players blame the course instead of their own short comings, that's human nature. The second thing people need to understand, Chambers Bay is usually green, I mean it is in Seattle for heavens sake. The USGA Director, Mike Davis, wanted the course looking brown. They had to make up for the lack of rough to lengthen to unimaginable lengths. The greens also did not look near as discolored live as they did over the tv. The one place that will have to improve if Chambers Bay is to host another US Open is to become more viewer friendly on site. As someone who was there live, that was probably my biggest complaint was that you couldn't even watch a few of the holes really and it was near impossible to pick a group and follow them. The fans were upset over this, the tour players and their families were also not pleased. The USGA has to figure out a better way of roping the course off so fans can get a better show for the money they are dropping to be apart of it. But all in all the #1 reason Chambers Bay should host the US Open again is that it brought the best players in the world to the top of the leaderboard. That is what defines a Championship course, when you have 4-5 players that are in the Top 10 World Rankings with a chance to win on Sunday afternoon. That is what it is all about, so if you ask me Chambers Bay should host again, just with a few tweeks. Oh, and on a final note, please bring back Johnny Miller and the CBS boys, Joe Buck wasn't doing it for anybody.

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