One of the coolest parts of being a golfer is all the new products that you are constantly introduced to. Some of it gimmicky, some super modern game and game changing, and some products are just timeless classics. Now a days there are great products for just about any golfers style or personality. We have put together a list of 5 of our favorite products on the market right now that are essential to having right swag when strolling the fairways of your local muni.


The Jones Original Golf Bag has been around and iconic since the 1970's. Chances are your dad has fond memories of marching down the fairways with his Jones Original slung over his shoulder while chasing down birdies. These bags have been updated with new materials while maintaining the same classic look. The Jones Original comes stock in black, red, navy, green, and gray color ways, but there are plenty of limited edition options on their website as well that might be more your taste. Check out the Jones Original at!



Looking for dope affordable wool headcovers and accessories that will turn heads everytime you walk by other golfers? Look no further than Reinland Golf Co. All their products are handmade in the Pacific Northwest and offer a nostalgic feel to your bag. Their wool headcovers are fleece lined and well padded to protect your clubs from getting smacked around and with an elastic ring on the inside they will not be falling off your clubs. The Reinland Golf Co. offers driver, fairway, hybrid, and putter headcover options as well different wool accessories such as alignment stick covers. You can check out their current lineup of products at Oh, and don't sleep on their putter headcovers because they are toooooo good.



The Vice Golf Ball Company has emerged as a power player in the old school golf ball market over the past couple years. This german based company has both factories overseas and in the United State. They offer tour line golf ball options that rival the big boys such as Titleist, at a much cheaper price point with their direct to consumer game plan. Instead of wholesaling to golf shops they only offer their products online and the more you buy the better the price gets per dozen balls. Another cool aspect to the Vice Golf master plan is that they offer custom logos and personalization right on their website. Next time you are in the market for golf balls don't hesitate to give Vice a shot, you won't be disappointed!



There isn't anything worse than not having ice cold hydration on hot summer days at the muni. Problem solved. Let us introduce you Hydroflask's colorful variety of water bottles. Every bottle has TempShield, or in lehman's terms, they are double walled and vacuum insulated to insure that your drink stays at its current temperature, cold or hot. These water bottles are great for water, coffee, beer, and pretty much anything else you can think of, come in many sizes, and just about any color you could wish for. The Hydroflask will be one of the best golf investments you will ever make! Shop all of Hydroflask's products at



We all know that walking is the truest form of the game, but let's face it sometimes we are feeling lazy and riding is the only option that is going to get us out on the course! Why sit in a cart if you can ride a golfboard! Anytime I get a chance to play and use a golfboard, sign me up. It brings out the inner kid in me and adds a whole next level of fun to golf. Look around for a golf course that offers these to rent or if you have deep pockets invest in one for yourself. You can check out more about the golf board at

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