As the 2015 Golf Season comes to close for me competitively, I look back at my year as rather average. Not average necessarily when it comes to scoring and tournament wins but average in the iron play and putting categories. Luckily, I drove the ball better than I have in 5 years so that really kept me in the game. Being that it was an average year, I was forced to look back in the archives for past seasons when I was much better hitting my irons and rolling the rock. It's funny the past two seasons were the first that I played a "players cavity back" set of irons instead of the classics blades I grew up on. My thought was, being that I no longer practice on a daily basis, I need as much help as I can get without sacrificing too much of my ability to flight the ball the way I want. I think this change aided me into mediocracy when it came to my iron play. I believe with a blade you know you have to bare down and hit it on the button every swing. A plus 2 handicap player should be able to do this day in day out, right? That's why I've decided to trade my shovels in for one of the sets I grew up on, The Ben Hogan Apex Blade. I want to look down and know I have to hit it perfect, for some reason it takes me to a higher level of concentration and the end result is, I hit better shots. I know I'm not in the majority when it comes to this concept but I guess that is what turns my cranks. My dad always says, "I like to play blades because it's more of a challenge." After hearing him say that over and over throughout the years, I think he hit it right on the screws! Also, for the next season I'm tossing the modern putter in the dumpster and going back to the old trusty Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach Putter. It seems like in the past years we are seeing less and less Scotty's being played. Everyone is going to all these high tec inserts and groove rolling technology as have I. I'm going back to old trusty because putting is an art not science. Feel is everything when it comes to great putting not science. All this being said, I think you get my gist. I'm going back to equipment  that made me the player I am today. I'm sacrificing technology for feel, because growing up developing my game at the muni, I never thought of technological advantages, all that mattered was hitting pure shots and rolling in birdie putts!

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