A few weeks ago we had a contest, "I'm a Muni Kid." First off we would like to thank everyone who sent in an entry! The stories were all great! We ended up picking two winning stories, one from Jimmy Ingram and one from Nick Atwood. Today we will post Nick's story about growing up playing the game at Veterans Memorial Golf Course in Walla Walla, WA. Enjoy!


My story is of course about Veterans Memorial Golf Course, where I found my first love. My dad is a very inspirational guy, about a year before my freshman year in highschool is when I started going out to Vets with my dad. Although he wasnt the golf champion by any means, the look on his face was nothing but pure happiness and excitment every time he stepped foot on Vets, the look on his face and feelings in his gut were the exact same that I had my first time playing there. Naturally I started playing more and more everyday and went on to play for my highschool varsity golf team all 4 years, and our practices were held at Vets everyday. When I met Max and his brother Drew Reinland in the Pro Shop I was very inspired, here we have to young guys, perfect mentors, ridiculously talented players, and they had this love for the game of golf that I had never seen before. Watching them play and playing along side of them is what made me want to spend every minute I could at Vets practicing. Vets was no longer just a place to go, it was a home to me. I will never forget every step ive walked on that course, every tee off ive had there, every bogey, and every birdie! My story is a thank you to Max and Drew for inspiring me and sharing your knowledge with me.

Kind regards, Nick Atwood


Nick is currently serving the USA as a Marine. We all would like to thank you for your sacrifice and service keeping all our families safe. You are a true inspiration. Thank you Nick!


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