Damn.... We miss you so much Mac. Not a day goes by that Mac Miller doesn't leave an impact or inspire our daily work. You will find his records spinning in both the Neighborhood Golf Shop and our creative studio on the daily. Last year we launched the limited edition "Most Dope" Headcover that sold out in a day. We did a limited number of them not knowing what the response would be and we ended up leaving tons of fans empty handed due to not making enough of them. My favorite part of the original drop was hearing everyone's stories about their connection to Mac. After selling out overnight we have been plotting on this year's Mac Pack ever since. This time around we decided to run the pack for a limited time rather than a limited number so everyone will have the opportunity to pick up whichever piece they want! The Mac Pack consists of a piece from each of our core areas of business... Clothing, Headcovers, and Art.

The First piece from the Pack is our KIDS Tie-Dye T-Shirt. Each one of these is individually tie-dyed and screen printed in our creative studio. The t-shirt is inspired by the tour merchandise from one of Mac's most notable early mixtapes, K.I.D.S. Each of these t-shirts is so unique and a lot of love and care went into to making them. This is easily my favorite t-shirt drop in the history of the brand and I think Drew would tell you the same!

The Mac Pack includes an 11" x 17" Poster also inspired by the K.I.D.S. Mixtape. One of the coolest co-signs we get from you guys is when you purchase our poster prints! The idea of the poster hanging on your walls for years to come puts a big smile on our faces and it's an honor to be apart of you celebrating Mac's memory and carrying on his legacy.

The final piece of the Mac Pack is our Busy Dreaming Headcovers. When were dreaming up what the headcover should look like, we decided since the first couple pieces of the pack are tributing the early years in Mac's career, that we would literally go "Full Circle" and create something from the final album, Circles. Our thought process for this is that we want to be able to add to the Mac Pack over the coming years and fill in all the gaps! So in other words, be on the lookout for future drops in the Mac Pack! For the Busy Dreaming Headcovers we created a tribute to the Good News music video. All love that we have received from you guys on this piece has been touching! We're on cloud 9 that you have all loved them so much, real talk!

These first three pieces to the Mac Pack will run until July 15th. The Kids Tie-Dye T-Shirt will run until July 15th in all sizes and then until we are sold out of the current inventory. We hope everyone has enjoyed the drop this month and had the opportunity to pick up the pieces you want. You still have 9 days.... Don't trip! Also, stay on the lookout as we add to the pack in the future. Rumor has it we'll be dropping a KIDS Tie-Dye Hoody and Crewneck later in the year and we have already started to designing some new headcover prototypes. Like how good would a "Divine Feminine" tribute headcover be!? I better get back to work and make it happen!

Thank you all again for your support and love on this project. It seriously means the world to us and it's been more than memorable sharing stories and connections with you guys through Mac. Seriously thank you.

Mac, we miss you dude....


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Any chance you have ANYTHING from when you dropped Mac Miller merch.
I am a long time fan of Mac and have recently gotten into golf. I would give absolutely anything to have Mac Miller golf merch.

Bayleigh Ervien

Hey guys I second Matt here. Would be unreal for another drop. Appreciate you and love the vision!


Ive been searching everyday for a mac miller headcover! are there any left over in a warehouse somewhere! I need this so bad!

Matt Chapman

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