A few weeks back our homies Mark, Jake, Griff, and Blake from Country Club Adjacent pulled up in Portland for LIV Golf Tournament at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club and to kick it at the Neighborhood Golf Shop with your boys! It was a great week watching them do their thing inside the ropes of the golf tournament and they were gracious enough to hook a bunch of the neighborhood golf family up with tickets to their show at Helium Comedy Club. If you ever get a chance to see these dudes do standup live… DO IT. It was a night filled with laughs and we all put a few too many drinks back later at the Portland staple dive bar, The Jolly Roger. 

Sunday night after the final round of the tournament we all linked up at the Neighborhood Golf Shop and put together a little match and hit the street course. The homies Sam Shea and Matchstick Golf’s Dane Delgado teamed up with Max and Drew to take the Country Club Adjacent boys. 

The match was close and more than entertaining! It was hard to hit good shots at times because the group was laughing too damn hard.

If you want to know the results you're going to have to invest 15 minutes into watching the video below!

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