As a golf lifer and being in the business of being passionate about golf, it's funny to me that people always want to know my opinion on what they need to be doing to be better at golf. Today I want to talk about the answer to that question…




 To say that I grew up in a competitive atmosphere would be wildly understated. My dad was and still is a college basketball coach. So I grew up in a household that lived and breathed competitive athletics. I played many sports competitively but golf was definitely my passion and focus. I competed as a junior golfer, received an athletic scholarhip to play golf at Washington State University. Tried to play professionally / did the club pro thing for a few years after college. After getting my amateur status back and starting Muni Kids, I followed in Pop’s direction for 4 years, coaching college golf for two years at Walla Walla Community College and two years at LCSC with Drew. Sorry to run you through a resume but I want it to be understood that searching for the key to golf and spreading it has been something I’ve spent a lot of time doing and thinking about over the years and there is only one true answer to that question that applies to literally everyone...




Balance is the answer I keep coming back to and it’s really much deeper than golf. Golf is considered to be one of the most mentally taxing sports. Think about that for a second. So when I say BALANCE is the most important key, it means being mentally balanced more so than from a physical or swing sense. When we are happy almost everything goes smoother in life. If things are going smooth that probably contributes to why you are happy! To the best version of ourself we have to understand that being happy and being in balance mentally go hand in hand. You play best when your mind is free, not when you are anxious, angry or under any form of distress. For years as a coach I would explain to my players how doing well in school and not putting themselves in volatile situations outside of golf was crucial to their overall balance and the key for them to be the best player they could be. Let's face it, the stress free version of ourselves is just better than the alternative when it comes to everything. BALANCE might just be the major key to life in general. This applies to business and other passions you may have outside of golf as well. I know for myself, creatively I’m clicking on a higher wave link when I am happy with myself and how I’m managing my outside life (TIME, RELATIONSHIPS, SELF CARE, GOLF, PERSONAL GROWTH). The more I think about all of this over time, I realize more and more how very much alike golf and life really are.



Every Monday, I remind myself how lucky we are that we get to do what we do and of all the love y'all send us, giving us confirmation that what we are doing matters.  Monday's from now on I want to pay that love back by sharing thoughts or a message that hopefully will positively impact you to get out and start/continue chasing your dreams or passions. So this week I challenge and encourage you to find your balance. Once you find it, everything else will click in golf and life.


Happy Monday!


- munimax


*Illustrations by Drew Reinland

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Thanks so much. This makes perfect sense and from now on I will remind myself of this.

Linda Nelson

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