One the best parts about running a brand is the collaboration opportunities with your homies. This year we are going to be dropping a series of golf ball markers with our close and very talented friends at Matchstick Golf. 

PGA dropout ball marker

Over the past year we have developed a close friendship with Dane from Matchstick Golf. We met sometime last Fall at the Muni Madness events that Wildwood Golf Course was throwing. After an introduction and a conversation we invited him to come check out our Urban Golf Meetups. After several weeks of running it up at Urban Golf we all became very good friends. We approached Dane about selling his markers in the Neighborhood Golf Shop and the concept of a series of collab ball markers and the rest has been history!

Max holding PGA dropout ball marker

The first ball marker we decided to do with Matchstick was our PGA Dropout graphic we released on a t-shirt last fall. It’s a classic play on Ye’s College Dropout graphic. That t-shirt last fall kind of became our “Mona Lisa” of art we had released and believe it or not… It all happened before the LIV Tour became an actual thing. The original graphic depicts me (Max) as the bear because I’m actually a PGA Dropout! I dropped out of the PGA to focus my energy on building Muni Kids. So this ball marker and graphic is one I hold close to my heart and couldn’t be more excited that it was the first in the series we’ll be dropping throughout the year.

Muni Kids x Matchstick Golf PGA Dropout marker is still available at the Neighborhoood Golf Shop and while supplies last. 

Don’t trip!

- @munimax

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Looks very cool miss seeing you guys we need to play sometime again!

Mark Grigg

Love that we got to do this together fam ❤️ The first of many to come!

Dane Delgado

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