It's so dope to see sneaker culture starting to creep into golf culture these days. Whether it's Nike dropping heat with their Air Max golf reworks or the Jordan Retros taking over the fairways... Sneakerheads are rejoicing! There's a lot of hype out there for these newer drops but today I want to touch on a collection of the most important and iconic golf shoes of all-time... Tiger's kicks, specifically my TOP 5.

5. NIKE TW 2017

I love how this shoe reminds me of Jordan 8's... My first pair of J's I personally picked out as kid. Not to mention this white & red color way was perfect.


4. NIKE TW '13

Believe it or not, when it comes to golf shoes I have always been a traditionalist. In sneaker type golf shoes I always feel too tall. These are my exception. The '13s might be the best golf shoe to play and perform in of all-time. Let me rephrase that... They are the best golf shoe to play and perform in of all-time.



Doesn't matter who you are... These just make you look fucking cool.



The original Tiger shoe is straight gas. Right now this shoe, specifically the white ones pictured above, are the only shoes on the list I'm still searching for a decent pair in my size. So if you have some in size 11... Holla at your boy! Wouldn't you love too see Tiger lace these up again in a major!?



Hate it or love it... These are my favorite signature sneakers of any athlete period. This shoe looks great with pants or shorts and is mad comfortable. I have these in every color way they have ever come out in, even the Masters edition. 


Well, there are some good shoes I had to leave off the list but this is my Tiger Top 5. No debate. What 5 would be on your list?

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