The question that every golfer has thought about at some point during their development, should I hit a fade or hit a draw. It seems like in recent years the golf industry has been pushing for amateurs to learn to hit that illusive draw while more and more tour players are moving away from the draw to hit a nice fade. Why are we pushing for average players to hit a draw? The answer is power. A draw has much less backspin on it therefor it goes further than a fade. The other side to that is that it also travels further off line when you hit a poor shot. Sam Snead once said he would rather have a rattle snake in his bag than a hook. Growing up in a family with three scratch golfers, two of which are professionals, I am the only one who hits a draw as their natural shot shape. Both my brother and father hit fades. I've came to the conclusion that it is less about keeping the ball in play and the shape of the shot, rather it's all about spin rate and ball speed. I am a very good iron player and part of that is, I know my draw. It does the same thing, at least most of the time haha. When I go away from my natural shot shape my distance control decreases. So to answer the question Fade or Draw? I would say go with what comes natural to you because DISTANCE CONTROL is probably the most underrated part of the game. Don't just worry about hitting it as far as you can or just accuracy because that will only improve your game so much. Worry about distance control because that will take your game to the next level. So next time you are thinking should I hit a fade or a draw, remember 20 ft. left or right of the flag, pin high, is much closer than right at it short or long of the green.

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