Often you will hear golfers refer to playing the muni or setting up a game over at the muni. What does this mean? A muni course, short for municipal golf course, is a public golf course that is owned by a government authority. In most cases the government authority is a city or municipality therefore why it's called a "muni." Muni's also can be owned by the state, county, province, or even the military. In some cases the government authority will run the golf course themselves or they will contract out the operation to a management group or private contractors. Muni's are always open to everyone but often times they will offer very low rates to the locals and charge tourist a higher price. Our brand, Muni Kids, is inspired by the lifestyle, culture, and history of municipal golf. Growing up playing and working at the muni really shaped who I am today and many of my interests and passions. I've met some of the most influential people in my life at the muni. My family spent countless hours together forging an unbreakable bond at the muni. I grew up playing on the muni but more importantly I learned invaluable lessons about life that I wouldn't trade for anything. I grew up a Muni Kid and when my time is up, I will still be a Muni Kid.

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