My favorite day of the week. It offers me the feeling that I can refresh, refocus, and reorganize things. I said that I would start sharing thoughts and insight with you on Monday's going forward and one of recent things I have been focusing on is...


The other day I finally solved a problem/personal rut that I had been going through. Working in a creative space where we are constantly designing new things and working on projects, it's really easy for me to get caught up in my end goals. So much at some points, that I've found myself not taking enjoyment in the process. That's not ok because I love what I get to do! It's just something that I've struggled with since I was young even in competitive golf. Always grinding towards goals and not always taking a step back to look around and enjoy or appreciate what I'm doing. This personal truth/realization has lead to a much healthier navigation of my days the past few weeks. 


When you stay in the present or go with the flow, your best work comes out, you play your best golf, let's face it... You can only be the best you can be right now in the present. Goals are great, I'm not saying you just go about life without planning, I'm rather challenging you to concentrate on the part of the plan that is happening right now. 

I hope everyone has a good week and finds a way to stay in the present. Trust me, you'll be happier there! Fall in love with the process this week. 

- munimax

*Illustrations by Drew Reinland

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