A year ago today we lost one of my all-time favorite artist, Mac Miller, tragically to a drug overdose. Life can be so damn hard and dark sometimes. So many times I have been dealing with something or struggling and Mac's music has been a friendly familiar voice giving me comfort that I'm not alone thinking or feeling that way. I think that truly is the greatest gift an artist can give to the world. Not a day goes by that you won't find a Mac record spinning in the shop or the studio. Mac is even Drew's favorite all-time artist! 


In honor of his impact we are dropping a limited run of Most Dope Headcovers that will be available at munikids.com and in the Neighborhood Golf Shop


Here's my favorite Mac track of all-time!

We miss you dude. We'll carry your legacy with us forever. 


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Please drop KIDS covers

Max Odonnell

Restock please….

Bryan Russell

Y’all gotta bring this back!


Most Dope Fam! Please bring back the Mac Head Covers….Major Want!


Please restock. Please.



Haley Potter

Please restock!! Most dope

Rip Mac

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