One of the dopest parts of running a golf lifestyle brand is getting to meet some many cool people in the industry with a similar passion as you. If you're lucky enough, you get work with someone on a collaborative project that sparks not only a great product, but a great friendship. Anthony Malky, the creative and owner behind the golf art company, Golf Drawn, has become not only someone I respect and admire from a work standpoint but more importantly a good friend that I hope to stay connected with as we grow our businesses. With the drop of the Muni Kids x Golf Drawn Collaboration yesterday, I wanted you guys get to know Anthony a little better. I have feeling you are going to be hearing about him and his work for many years to come!






What’s up Anthony? Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and about what Golf Drawn is all about?

Thanks Max. I'm Anthony, and I started Golf Drawn a couple of years ago, but really took it to the masses on social media and through the web within the last six months. I caddied at Oakmont Country Club, in Oakmont, PA just outside of Pittsburgh, for 11 years. While caddying I began to draw up courses for some of the members and my friends. That's where Golf Drawn got its start, amidst me shlepping bags and walking the hallowed grounds at Oakmont. 

At Golf Drawn, I set out to help golfers commemorate the rounds, the people, the moments, and the memories through accurate renderings of the courses where it all takes place. Whether it's a par-3 course, someone's home track, or a top-100 course, I work to help golfers recreate, relive, and remember the experiences and places that mean so much.  Through my work I hope to be able to help grow the game and its accessibility. My prints and custom work are priced so that anyone can grab a print. Accessibility is important and I believe that's how the game will truly be grown. 


How did the idea for Golf Drawn come to life?

Golf Drawn came to life after I had been drawing layouts for members and friends when I was caddying.  Then, I was looking to get my hands on some prints to decorate my man cave and I came to find that what was out there was really expensive (overpriced) and of a quality that I thought could be better. So I drew up some courses for myself, had prints made, framed them and put em up on the wall.  After a couple weeks looking at them, I realized they weren't half bad and that maybe I should start putting these out there. I thought I could draw up course layouts for folks, offering custom design options, so individuals can get their favorite courses, championship layouts, home tracks and muni courses drawn up...for an affordable price. While I design the prints, people really get to make them their own through the collaborative process I maintain with each customer. 


How’d you get into/ become a great graphic designer?

I was never into art, or good at it, before venturing into drawing courses. Since starting Golf Drawn my artistic ability has developed tremendously and it continues to each day that I draw another course. Through my work I have learned about graphic design and expanded my skill set so I can bring people the highest quality designs and prints. My design capabilities are really fueled by my love for the game. I love drawing up the courses. I love being able to recreate someone's course where they learned the game, where they played their last round with a close relative, where they caddied for years, etc. There is something really satisfying about being able to commemorate and recreate memories and life experiences for people through these course designs. 


Let’s talk the project. How did it all come about?

The project emerged after getting to know Max and learning about the missions and brand identities of Muni Kids and Reinland. I felt the brands really aligned with what I'm trying to do with Golf Drawn and the type of golf-minded folks I'm trying to reach. 

We really wanted to do something different with this collaboration. Different in a way that showcases the breadth of my ability in designing layouts, while highlighting the "art" that is inherent in a course print like these. The end goal being to create a uniquely dope print.  We decided to draw up a layout of the home track and muni course of the Muni Kids founders, and a course that Pacific Northwest golfers, but more importantly Muni Kids, would connect with. Then, we colored the course using the Muni Kids color ways from the brands product offering. The final touch was the background, where we went "Pop Art" style, sort of an ode to an Andy Warhol type design. The result is a one of a kind print, commemorating kick ass golf art and municipal golf culture.  


What excites you about the collaboration?


What I'm most excited about with this collaboration is how different it is. This was a step outside of the box for me in moving away from traditional golf layouts and design, towards a more artistic portrayal of a course layout. More than that, I am excited for Muni Kids to get a taste of golf art through this collaboration. There are a lot of great artists, crafters, and designers out there making amazing pieces, and my hope is that this collaboration will empower Muni Kids to learn about golf art and experience this unique facet of golf culture. Finally, Golf Drawn is all about the growth of the game and its accessibility and for that I am excited to have been able to collaborate with Muni Kids, a brand focused on just that, and I look forward to working with together in the future!


Ok final question that we force on everyone.... What makes you a Muni Kid?

What makes me a Muni Kid? Well the fact that I am and always will be a caddie at heart is what first and foremost makes me a Muni Kid. While I grew up carrying bags at a country club I certainly never got to play them. Municipal courses are at the heart of the game of golf. They are where golfers learn the game, it's where the game is truly grown, amongst the ordinary Joes and blue collar folk, they're courses accessible to all. I play muni tracks, I draw them up, and in my work I hope to promote municipal golf culture every chance I get. That's why I'm a Muni Kid. 

You can check out everything Anthony is up to on!


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