“Not everybody likes what I do. I know that, it’s a given. But you know what? F*ck them, I don’t care about them, I don’t do it for them. You know? And I’m so happy so many people get a kick out of it, that came out of nowhere! For the rest of my life, I just wanna play golf.” -Tiger Hood aka Patrick Barr

tiger hood

After a long week of painting and working to open our new shop/creative space, the Portland Golf Collective, I stumbled upon the story of Tiger Hood and the Neighborhood Golf Association. There are so many great stories flooding the internet these days that it isn’t rare to see something dope online that one of main influencers or companies are up too, but this documentary just moved me in a different way. It embodies golf in the simplest form possible. Play because it makes you happy. I learned of this story when I was thumbing through instagram and saw a Tiger Hood T-shirt that Noah NYC had dropped earlier in the day. It caught my eye just because Noah is not a golf company by any means and I was curious why they would have a golf drop and be hyping it. I dove deeper into the internet and found the documentary @newyorknico (Nicolas Heller) had shot following Tiger Hood, a street photographer who carries a milk carton full golf balls made from milk containers around and hits them through the city while hustling his prints. Tiger Hood’s charming personality and overall kindness to people leaves the most impact on you.

“I’m not trying to be a celebrity, I’m not an entertainer, I just do what I do. If it entertains, then that’s all good ya know? But I’m just doing what makes me feel good.” -Tiger Hood

I got lost in the 12 minute documentary appreciating not only the story but the rawness of it made me feel like I had knew Tiger Hood forever. Ripping milk containers off of his $100 Dollar Bill Mat, giving lessons to children, and offering  people throughout the city a chance to stop, take a few swings, and genuinely enjoy some golf. Since watching it that evening, I’ve watched it around 3-4 more times, appreciating it more with every viewing. 

tiger hood

The moral of the story is, DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. So if you love golf, get out and play it, wherever and whenever. You know Tiger Hood is.


Take 12 minutes out of your day and enjoy, Neighborhood Golf Association.

Neighborhood Golf Association from HELLER films on Vimeo.

Follow Tiger Hood on instagram: @tigerhoodnyc



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