302 Million Up Front Jersey Kit

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We been asking ourselves the same thing... Why doesn't golf have jerseys for its players? Especially with team golf becoming a thing at the professional level. We decided to dream up what some of these would look like...

It's no surprise that we've learned, "Money Talks" since the LIV Golf Tour was created. Their most recent signing is a crazy one and one of the best players they've been able to snatch from the PGA Tour! Since all the LIV uniforms are pretty corny we decided who better to design a kit for than the newest team owner! We embroidered the Muni Kids x Laundry Tour Badge on the front. The name, number set, and sponsors all flocked. This Kit is special and is created in our studio in Portland, OR.

-100% Polyester

- Size Available: Men's Medium, Large, XL