Bar Logo Heavy Knit Beanie (Red)

$ 40.00
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This Fall we are excited to introduce our second drop of our Bar Logo Heavy Knit Beanies. This past year we swore that we would not put out any beanies until we could give you the best beanie on the market. We've worn these beanies all winter and it doesn't get better for any head shape, male or female. Roll it up, fold it up, just understand that it's going to ruin all other beanies for you! Oh, and did we mention they are made right here in Portland, OR? Meet the best beanie in golf.

- Good for all seasons.

- 100% Cotton.

- When stretched out, put in dryer to return to the original snug fit.

- One Size Fits All.

- Muni Kids Bar Logo Woven Label.

- Red Colorway.